Exclusive Planner Offer- Hurry!

As you already know, I switched to Lessontrek online planner late last school year and I’ve been happy with how much peace and time savings it’s given my type A/perfectionist self.

Drag and Drop lessons
Entered in the wrong date? Life happened and you need to reschedule? Just drag and drop

When I used a paper planner I hated making mistakes because I wanted everything to look perfect. So when I made an error last week and didn’t notice that I entered all of the assignments on the wrong date on Lessontrek, it wasn’t a big deal as I was able to just drag and drop the assignments to the correct date. It took seconds to fix and I didn’t have to type anything over.

I am also saved a lot of time and typing as I am able to copy the previous week to use as a template and just change as necessary. Record keeping has become so quick and easy! You can read my previous review here.

Save Money!

Lessontrek is offering an exclusive deal to my readers to save $45 on a year subscription to their online planner. So for less than the cost of the average homeschool paper planner you can get a full year of ease and convenience. You can only get the code here but hurry! it expires on August 24th, 2016.

To claim your special offer go to https://www.lessontrek.com/signup and select the “Annual Subscription” Box. Make sure that you enter the code HM45 in the Discount Code section to get your special rate.

This code will only work with the annual option and the discount will apply for the first year. If you don’t want to be charged again just make sure that you cancel before the year is up.

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