1 year

We take a break from our scheduled baby programming to recognize that today marks the 1 year anniversary of our legal wedding; a simple trip to the local courthouse to sign the papers and make it legal.

It was something that had been discussed since shortly after getting engaged. I knew that it would be way easier for me to plan on “getting weddinged” than “getting married” in a public event. Plus it gave me the opportunity to get all the name change paperwork out of the way early on.

At the time some people thought that it was an April’s Fool joke because we kept it quiet and didn’t tell the world until a Facebook announcement the previous day. I guess the joke’s on them.

It was just us and the representative of the State of Florida (with her Holy Bible, although she gave us the option of skipping the prayer) on a beautiful spring day on the gazebo outside the courthouse. Fox’s mom and sister happened to drive by the gazebo less than 2 minutes after the short ceremony was over.

Thinking back, most people don’t get to celebrate their marriage as much as we did. We had our legal wedding on April 2nd with a small gathering at Shindig’s, the Irish bar where we celebrated our engagement at and where we had a round on the house right after the courthouse. On May 1st we had our engagement/wedding party at FPG and culminated with our handfasting on August 29th.

The only photo of our legal wedding
Our Shindig's Bar celebration post-courthouse
At our FPG wedding party
Our cake topper at our handfasting

We have several anniversary dates that we try to honor every month:
2nd- (May 2nd) The anniversary from us “hooking up” at FPG and the date we used to count how long we had been dating for. That is also why we chose the 2nd (April 2nd) as our legal wedding anniversary.

17th- (August 17th) the anniversary of when we became official “boyfriend and girlfriend”. We had been dating for several months, he was driving 2 hours each way from Port St Lucie to Hollywood to see me twice a week, our relationship status on Facebook was “It’s complicated” and it took him getting down on his knees at the parking lot for Dave & Busters and begging me to be his girlfriend for what felt like an eternity before I caved in and agreed.

29th- (August 29th) the anniversary of our Pagan handfasting and to most our “public wedding”

Every month we manage to forget about one of these dates, usually it would be the 17th. But since we miraculously remembered the 17th in March, we ended up skipping the 29th, whoops!

So normally we would be celebrating at Shindig’s bar but since I’m not drinking our plans are of the sober kind. It would be great to have a picnic at the gazebo where we stood a year ago but since that borders on trespassing we’ll just take it somewhere else.

At least we get to see the gazebo from time to time as it is part of our commute depending on the route we take.

The last year has been quite an adventure with many happy moments and several though trials and we continue moving forward as we “attempt” to get ready for the biggest adventure yet… parenthood.

So while I wait for my beloved to come home from work to celebrate, this might be a good time to get off my @$$ and finally work on our wedding scrapbook…