Urban Prepping: My Every Day Carry Kit

prep-quoteI have been feeling a primal urge to prep like I never have before. I am avoiding the “tin foil hat” AKA conspiracy theory websites but just looking at mainstream media headlines is enough to make someone nervous. The urge is subconscious and it’s strong so I am trying to indulge it as my budget allows for peace of mind.

Right now I can only afford to do $5-$10 per month but it’s better than nothing. Why? Because I can’t count on the government/FEMA to take care of me in an emergency, one only has to look back to Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina to know how much people suffered because they weren’t prepared.

My gut has always been accurate in the past and I have regretted it when I haven’t listened to it so I don’t want to ignore this urge. I have been an urban prepper my whole but have been woefully unprepared since I relocated to this area. It has always bothered me that I don’t have as much food and water as I’d like, that our gear is disorganized and we have no bugout bags.

I don’t have the resources or skills to be a full fledged survivalist but any little bit I can do to make us self sufficient even for a few days is better than nothing. If the shit hits the fan and the world as we know it ends this week we are screwed but if there is temporary disruption such as a hurricane our chances are looking a little better as each month passes by.

Part of this urge is on defense and firearms preparation. Why? Because I can’t carry a cop in my pocket and by the time 911 sends someone it can be too late. Ever since I took the class in January my obsessive compulsive instincts wanted to kick in and research, research, research and practice, practice, practice. Going to the range isn’t as easy as I’d like since I don’t have a car and it gets expensive so I am doing the best I can and have been able to practice every 3 weeks.

I got my concealed carry permit last month and this month I lucked out on a great deal on my first gun, a Ruger LC9s brand new for only $5 over new rugerwholesale cost which is more impressive given that this model is in such high demand that it’s out of stock everywhere else.

Now with a weapon in the house there are the added safety precautions with children. I used the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety curriculum with my boys and they learned it well but I still carry on my body during all waking hours and use a safe during shower and sleep time. My husband and I are in the process of selecting a code word that the kids will recognize as “get down now!” if they are with me or “stay in your room until I get you!” if they are upstairs and I am dealing with a confrontation.

I already had an EDC (Everyday Carry Kit) so the Ruger was just an addition to it. These are items that I always have on me when I leave the house, just like some people check to make sure that they have keys and wallet when they leave, I make sure I have these guys with me. If you search Pinterest and Instagram you’ll see hashtags such as #edc dedicated exclusively to this giving great ideas. Some people’s kit are more geared for survival if stranded, others are geared more for protection, others combine both.

My EDC Kit

My budget EDC kit:

  • Cellphone– this is such a versatile tool, not only to call for help but with apps I can get GPS, flashlight, camera and many other features. My cellphone is always on my body, never on a bag.
  • Pocket knife– the picture doesn’t do it justice, this is a gorgeous rainbow blade that I got for less than $10 until I can save to upgrade to a better one. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s SHARP and has a partial serrated edge so I could cut a seatbelt with it or use it camping. I usually have it in a pocket or in the bag if my outfit is not conducive for it.
  • Monkey Fist– this is a keychain but I don’t have any keys of my own to put on it. It’s a steel ball wrapped in paracord and it can do a lot of damage if an attacker gets close enough to hit, just swing it and it’ll cause good pain and damage wherever it touches. If I were stranded the paracord has many uses. I usually have it in my bag but will carry in my hand if walking out alone. I got it “free for shipping” so less than $5 and it’s not hard to make your own.
  • Tactical Flashlight– This is a compact LED with a very bright beam, it also doubles as another weapon if attacked and can be used to break a car window if trapped. I also got it “free for shipping” so less than $5. It replaced my basic $1 store LED flashlight.
  • Ruger LC9s 9mm pistol– this is the new addition to my kit, I still have to take it to the range to properly break it in but so far I am happy with it.

There are other items that I sometimes add to my kit and I always have a folding “credit card knife” on my wallet but due to bulk and space these are my core items.


Do you have an EDC?  Let’s see it!