Adventures in Mommyhood- 5 weeks

I haven’t yet come up with a new name for these blog entries since “the post-bump chronicles” just doesn’t sound cool enough.  Right now I’ve been calling them “Adventures in Mommyhood” because that is what my life has been like so far but I don’t know if the name will stick.

The past week has been characterized by a lot of firsts, Shammy had his first trip to the mall where I shopped at Spencers for his outfit for the pirate festival next week and got him an “I enjoy boobies” onesie.  I got to enjoy the assortment of looks as Shammy nursed at a bench in the mall.

By the second visit to the mall I figured out how to nurse without completely taking him out of the Ergo carrier making it more discreet and less of a hassle for me.

After having long nails and no scratch mittens since birth, he managed to scratch his face for the first time this week.  I tried to clip his nails because daddy didn’t want to try it but I only got one done as he fought too much, the best time to get it done was while he was nursing but it meant that I didn’t have enough hands so daddy was brave and did it.    He is already scratching me again…

After being lazy and giving him sponge baths for longer than necessary, Shammy finally got his first bath in the tub.  He screamed bloody murder when first put on it but once I started washing him he loved it, although daddy would argue that I had more fun, lol.

happy and clean

He still doesn’t like it when I wash his face though, he would grab the washcloth from my hand and we would have a mini tug of war so I started to give him the first washcloth and finish with a second one, he was not amused.  By now he has resigned himself to the fact that he can’t avoid it and will not fight it and instead show me his displeasure with a huge frown, too cute.

Baby also had his first trip to the beach outside of the womb, we didn’t actually have a beach day, just checked out the ocean to watch the waves from hurricane Earl, Shammy liked it.

A first for me, was being away from Shammy.  Daddy Fox took me out for an anniversary dinner while grandma babysat, it was only an hour and we were less than a mile away but it was hard.  On Friday we had a second dinner, this time further away and we were gone for 2 1/2 hours and I wasn’t able to refrain from crying at the restaurant.  I see these outings as training myself to go back to work later this month.

As the date to return to work nears (did I mention how much that sucks?), I finally have a breast pump, the challenge is getting Shammy to give me the chance to pump to build a stash.  When I do I have been getting a decent output from short sessions.  3 ounces if pumping in the morning or 1.5 to 2.5 ounces if pumping in the afternoon and I don’t really pump long enough to empty the breasts as it gets uncomfortable after a while so I’m waiting to get used to it before extending the sessions.

I do hate the whole having to disassemble the pump parts and wash them after every session but I expect to get used to it eventually.

This week he had his first experience with daddy giving him a bottle.  Since he’ll suck on anything he didn’t completely reject it but did give daddy a “WTF? where’s the boob?” look the whole time.  He’s still not truly used to it as he refused to go back to sleep until he nursed the old fashioned way but it’s a step in the right direction.  The second time daddy gave him the bottle he was hungry enough to not question the lack of boob.

We have been planning the family halloween costume, we want to have the same theme and have bounced around various ideas ranging from Popeye, Olive and Sweet Pea to Jedi Knights with baby Yoda, due to cost and outdoor weather (ie heat) considerations it looks like for the trip to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween we will keep it simple with a zombie theme, daddy and I already have zombie t-shirts and we got a cute little glow in the dark skeleton suit for Shammy.

it will be something like this, but with a baby

I do have a big case of the “awww, it’s so cute” when looking at all of the baby costumes available, daddy commented that he can see me buying all the animal costumes available and that each day he would come home and find him dressed in a different one.  I agree that I am very capable of doing that but I’m refraining from spending money on something so superflous.

Shammy has settled into a fairly predictable elimination pattern, upon waking in the morning he will flush his body of all extra fluids triggering multiple diaper changes within an hour’s span (or huge leaks from oversaturation if I don’t pay attention), this would be a good time for me to start practicing elimination communication with him, not really sure why I haven’t yet, perhaps because I’m usually too groggy and wanting to go back to bed.

As far as the cloth diapers go, since he has skinny legs I have found that the Thirsties Duo covers are the way to go thanks to the double gussets in the legs, as much other covers are cute due to the wide assortment of prints available, they just don’t have the “containment power” that the Thirsties have.

He is now big enough for the Bumgenius 3.0 one size to fit him, except that we once again encounter a problem with his skinny thighs, this leaves a huge gap on the elastic around the legs and guess where the pee goes…  I’ll have to wait until he grows some more before using those.

I finally got myself a ring sling and even more impressive, finally figured out how to use it.  We debuted it today at an outdoor event at the causeway (read: very effing hot) and it was way better than the Ergo carrier which would have been a torture device as it gets super hot with the infant insert.