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Book Reviews


I will read your book in exchange for a review.

If you are an author seeking legitimate and unbiased reviews for your books, I am happy to help.  I am a Beta Reader or Advanced Review Crew Reader for several authors and you can see samples of past reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

My favorite genres are Sci-fi/Fantasy (especially Time Travel and/or Dystopian stories) and Romance (with a soft spot for historical romance). That being said, I’ll read almost anything that sounds good.

Review Policy

I always write honest reviews. What that means is that if a book doesn’t work for me, I will say so. I will always be polite and never “bash” an author or a book but I always give my truthful opinion. I do always try to focus on the positive but please do not ask me to review your book if you are only looking for positive reviews because I cannot guarantee that.

I reserve the right to not finish and/or not review a book that I accept for review. I do try to review every single book I receive from authors; however, if I am not enjoying a book after 50-100 pages (depending upon the total length of the book) I will usually abandon said book, which means it will not get reviewed (this has only happened once so far).

If you have a particular time frame wherein you’d like the review to be published, please say so in your original email request. I oftentimes finish reading/reviewing within 2 weeks of receipt but sometimes life gets in the way or I may be wanting to finish other books in progress before starting yours. I will review at my own pace, giving priority to Beta reads, unless otherwise requested.

Generally, I am interested in reviewing books within the following genres:

  • Sci-fi/Fantasy (I prefer time travel, dystopian and some paranormal, no sparkly vampires please)
  • Techno Thrillers
  • Prepper/ Survivalist
  • Historical Romance (bonus points if there is time travel)
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Alternative History

Generally, I am NOT interested in reviewing books within the following genres (there are exceptions to this so I am happy to read your book's description and let you know if it's interesting to me):

  • Christian fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Children’s books (books marketed to kids younger than teens)
  • Self-help
  • Sports
  • Marketing/ Advertising
  • Picture books
  • Political rants

I prefer to review books in Ebook (Kindle) format.  I will sometimes accept print copies but it will take me longer to complete those.  I typically publish my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If you’d like me to publish the review elsewhere I’m happy to accommodate.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Fill out the form below or e-mail: bandorafox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I only reply to pitches I choose to accept.

Contact Me

Please tell me about your book, include Amazon or Goodreads link if available.