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FAQ about my Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions About my Tattoos

Here are the answers to the questions that most people ask me about my tattoos, if you have a question that is not here, e-mail me.

Did it hurt?
Imagine being struck by a needle hundreds of time per minute.
It did hurt but it was very well worth it.  Once the first 60 seconds have passed and the endorphins have kicked in, it can actually feel good depending on the area.  I even fell asleep while getting the bigger tattoo in my lower back!!!. Do you think that me, being the coward that I am would keep on getting tattoos if the pain was too much to handle?… I don’t think so.
What do you get out of getting tattooed?
I get a lot of personal satisfaction.  They all have personal meanings to me.
Do you regret it?
Not at all.
I would never do that.
Good for you, whatever makes you happy.
Do a lot of people ask you about the tattoos?
I used to get frustrated when I lived in Miami and random strangers would stop me and ask the same questions over and over.  Since I moved to the Treasure Coast, nobody cares.
What is the most frequently asked question about the tattoos?
What do they mean? (usually about the pentacle and the udjat)  This question is very annoying, before I didn’t mind answering at all but getting asked the same questions 25 times a day is not my idea of fun, it reached a point in which I simplly got sick and tired of replying the same thing as though I was reading a script.
Now when people ask me, I give them an evasive or ultra basic answer or simply ignore them.  They’re popular symbols it’s not hard to look them up on the internet, you’ll learn more that way.
Are you planning on becoming a human canvas?
Not really, I’m not planning on covering my whole body with tattoos.  I have a professional image to maintain while in my office, that is why my tattoos are placed in areas that can be easily covered.  I do like tattoos and I plan to get more but I don’t like big/colorful things.  I prefer small, black/tribal designs.
Do you want more tattoos?
How many more do you want?
Good question, I have no idea we’ll see when I start running out of places to put them 😉
Which of the tattoos was the most painful?

The matching tribal designs on my breast and ribs, mainly because I was very thin at the time, the part on the ribs was pretty painful, the breast portion didn’t hurt at all.  Even though it hurt more than the others, the pain was bearable.