About Me


In a nutshell, a quirky mystical tree hugging geek and offbeat crunchy mama!

This page includes basic info about me and also other silly facts that no one cares about.

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Star Child
Fast facts about Bandora:
  • Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Currently residing in the Florida Treasure Coast
  • Mental Health Fighter- Survivor of Chronic Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic Disorder
  • Politically Liberal Independent with Green leanings.
  • Very spiritual but not subscribed to a specific religion strong Pagan influence.
  • Toughest life lesson has been learning to trust myself.
  • Favorite quote, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, why are you doing it?”
  • Loves reading, animals, nature, sunsets, clouds, starry nights and much more.
  • Will break into soapbox rantings, storytelling, dance, song, and/or laughter without warning.

Marital Status: married

Children: 2 amazing sons

Current Residence: Port St Lucie, FL
Current job:  Breastfeeding Counselor, Virtual Bookkeeper and Webmaster
Volunteer work:  Breastfeeding Support, bookkeeping for a national breastfeeding support organization.  Webmaster and editor of a homeschooling resource website. Webmaster for several non profit organizations.
Colegio Nuestra Senora de Belen- High School, class of ’99
Florida International University (1999-2001)-  Intl. Relations and Political Science
Miami Dade College (2003)- Bookkeeping
Canyon College- College (2004)- Accounting
United Interfaith Institute (2005-2006)- Interfaith Ministry Seminary
Avesa Quantum Healing Institute (2006-2007)- Avesa Quantum Healer Level II
TOSA Center for Enlightened Living (2007)- Certified Self Ascension Coach
Hypnosis Motivation Institute (2008)- Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapist
Flamel College (2007-2008)- College- Parapsychology
University of Metaphysics (2008-2009)- Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling
Birth Arts International (2012-2014)- Lactation Educator
Degrees/ Certifications:
Interfaith Minister Ordination- 2003
Honorary doctorate degrees in Metaphysics and Divinity- 2005
Usui Reiki Master- 2005
Past Life Regression Practitioner- 2005
Avesa Level II Quantum Healer- 2007
Paranormal Investigator Certification- 2007
Certified UFO Investigator- 2008
Paranormal Counselor- in progress 2008
Phase Displacement Practitioner- in progress 2008
Certified Self Ascension Coach- 2007
Meridian Psychology/ EFT- 2007
Certified Hypnothist-  2008
Past Life Regression Therapist- 2008

Leader/ webmaster/ membership coordinator- La Leche League
Bookkeeper- Best for Babes Foundation
Lifetime Member and Investigator- International Ghost Hunter’s Society
Lifetime member- Golden Key International Honour Society
Lifetime member- National Association of Collegiate Scholars
Elder in Communion and clergy- Moonpath Circle, Inc.

Formerly: Certified Self Ascension Coach- TOSA Center for Enlightened Living- 2007-2009, Founder and Coach of Self Ascension Study Group, Founding President and Investigator of League of Paranormal Ivestigators, Founder and gatekeeper of the Circle of the Golden Moon, FL State chair for the Pagan Unity Campaign, Miami Dade Organizer for Witches Meetup and  Florida Pagan Alliance, Member of the Miami Dade Green Party, FIU Greens,  National Organization for Women, People for the American Way, Sierra Club, American Civil Liberties Union, GreenPeace, Amnesty International, PETA, MUFON, Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, and others.
Pet:  a cat and some dust bunnies.
Political Affiliation: Green, liberal, etc.
Favorite flower: red rose, lotus
Favorite movie:  too many to choose from.  Examples: Star Wars (all), The Matrix, What the Bleep do We Know, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Favorite TV show: Doctor Who, X-Files, The Big Bang Theory, documentaries and sitcoms

Current favorite verses: “The universe always conspires in your favor”
“If it doesn’t bring you joy, why are you doing it?”
Favorite sport: (watching) ice skating and gymnastics.  (practicing) kayaking
Hobbies/ Interests:  reading, cuddling, sleeping, internet,  music,  movies, paranormal investigation, UFOs, nature, animals, camping, road trips, cruises, drum circles, renaissance faires, Pagan festivals, etc
Music: techno  (includes electronica, rave, jungle, drum and bass, etc), belly dancing music, drumming,  Pagan and new age, some folk, specially Celtic, Irish and Scottish
Religion: Interfaith spiritual with very strong Pagan leanings
Piercings:  A nose stud and 4 earrings, I’ve lost  all the others 🙁
Tattoos:  19 total.
Dream job: owner of a metaphysical healing center
Forest Faery
Basking Faery
Ren Faire