1. Tara
    10/10/2013 @ 7:44 am

    Hey, I’m thinking about becoming pregnant and am enjoying reading about your adventures. 🙂
    Your writing of a book would be cool! I’m not sure if there are any good ‘how to’ breast feeding books, but that’s something you seem passionate about. I’m interested in more detail about cloth diaper experiences at different ages. It’s also helpful to know when you’ll really need what and how many. (Like more bibs and a food processor around 6 mo and more rags for wipes in the beginning.) I think funds will be an issue if we do decide to get pregnant and it’s good to know not to spend the $ on a crib and changing table right away.
    Also, I had an intuitive hit on infant obesity being linked to formula use. 😉

    Thanks for being willing to share so much of yourself and your family!
    I feel much more empowered about the breast feeding now.

  2. Bandora
    10/10/2013 @ 8:21 am

    Hi Tara, thank you for writing, I am glad that my adventures have been helpful to you.

    While the idea of writing a book has not been discarded, I admit that I haven’t done much besides writing an outline, I’ll need a visit from the muse but I am in no rush for that.

    I’ve had a post in the works for a while about what one truly needs to buy to have a baby. I am using Babies R Us sample registry as a guide and to give you a spoiler, you don’t really need the large majority of items on that list.

    Cloth diapering is different for everyone depending on their baby, type of diapers, budget, washing situation, etc. There are a lot of helpful websites and groups out there. For us, Bumgenius pockets have been the best option and having enough to wash every other day with a few extra in case I get delayed with laundry has worked well.

    It’s great that you are researching before becoming pregnant, drop me a note when you decide to conceive so I can congratulate you!