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  1. Cely
    04/29/2010 @ 2:58 pm

    #1 diaperbags! the oooh so important expensive and never leave home without diaper bag. I was dissapointed with diaperbags from the go. Expensive, most of them uncomfy, and they felt as if a trend of textiles was forced upon me.

    My suggestion, find a purse (a really big one, and by big I mean Marry frigging Poppins huge kind of purse) that you feel at ease with. Or make one yourself, I have a friend that makes purses, she made one for me out of prints that I picked, its actually the best diaperbag I have at the moment.

    #2 Homebirth!!! I wish my birth plan was homebirth, and Im not complaining, I had a really amazing birth experience at the hospital, but at some point and while I was dilating I felt trapped and strapped to the hospital bed. I wasnt even allowed to walk to the bathroom to pee, the last inch of dignity I had, vanished when I had to pee in a hospital pee pee bucket. Also, and since I refused drugs, i just wanted to walk around, walk the pain off, move my hips a little, instead I had to suck it up and try to concentrate…from an unbearable position.

    Oh, and get to practice those kegels every moment you can or remember to do so, I pushed out an 8 pound baby no tearing

    Sorry for the long-ass reply lol,
    Loved your blog!


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